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A list of area EAS stations is located in the yellow pages of the phone directory in the affected areas, as well as in the annual North Anna Power Station Emergency Planning Information calendar mailed to every household in the same area.

Full-scale siren tests consist of a single three-minute activation and are conducted quarterly -- on the third Wednesday of the month -- February, May, August and November. The alerting system signifying an Actual emergency at the North Anna Power Station consists of four separate, three-minute activations, each separated by a one-minute silent interval. Total elapsed time for Actual emergency notification is 15 minutes.

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    A bot requires all processes to be standardised and ensures that all employees are treated equally, as the bot works from a defined set of rules. The pilot phase started with three faculties at the university, but has since expanded to more departments including the central administration offices.

    ResearchOps Spotlight: Anna Pietrek, User Experience Researcher at Mister Spex

    So far, Anna the bot has specialised in people travelling domestically in Norway. As the bot is still in a pilot phase, some challenges are expected and employees have experienced that the bot is very strict when it comes to the forms being correctly filled in. At NTNU about 20 full-time equivalents are spent on variable salary and travels.

    An estimate is that about half of these are used to process travel expense claims. Frida Engelsen Haugen is pleased that Bot-Anna helps ensure more efficient processing of claims.

    Disruptive Testing: Part 6 - Anna Royzman | ThoughtWorks

    She writes comments to us on travel expense claims she has processed. We can see that she makes some mistakes from time to time, and we hope that people are patient in the beginning. Bot-Anna is able to return travel expenses to the client if she sees something wrong or something she thinks is wrong. If the claim is submitted again by the client without change, it goes straight to a human consultant in case Bot-Anna has misinterpreted something.