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His service for Christ has led him to many parts of the globe, including South Africa, where he spent twenty-five years as a missionary among the Zulu people. Today he continues proclaiming the gospel and strengthening the church body through writing and preaching ministries. Your email address will not be published. Pharaoh thought of himself as the son and appointed representative of the supreme god of Egypt, and he believed that his own firstborn son would inherit this role.

The faithful God. God will be what he has always been.

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He is the unchanging, self-consistent God. He will be faithful forever to his own character and covenant commitments. God is faithful and powerful enough to carry through on his promise to deliver his people from Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt. The gracious God. Yet due to his grace and covenant love, the mission to bless the whole world Gen.

Exodus: The Formation of a Nation

The golden calf incident, however, has revealed that Israel, the one through whom worldwide blessing was to come, is herself part of the problem. At this point in the Bible Timeline, one-fifth of the completed years since Creation Week would be On this date the Passover Lamb is chosen to be sacrificed four days later on Nisan To put this in another way, Jesus enters Jerusalem on the Monday of the start of the Passover Feast exactly 1, Day years after the nation of Israel is led safely across the Red Sea at PiHahiroth.

It is estimated that Israel arrives at Elim late in the day, just before the beginning of Friday, May 2—Iyar This date in Scripture is calculated to be exactly 1, Day years from the date the disciples would have been preparing the Last Supper meal to be eaten that evening in 30 AD. This event happens in the morning just four days after the nation of Israel had safely crossed the Red Sea at PiHahiroth. Jesus is crucified exactly 1, Day years after Israel arrives in the Wilderness of Sin, as recorded in Exodus That Saturday evening, Israel would begin complaining about the lack of food.

It appears from the Biblical text that Israel left Elim and arrived at the Wilderness of Sin on the same day. This date in Scripture is Friday, May 2—Iyar On the evening of that day, Saturday, Iyar 16 on the Day calendar, the people began to complain about the lack of meat and bread. It had been a full month since they left Egypt and their food supplies were almost depleted.


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On this same day in 30 AD on the Day calendar, the Jewish leaders would come to Pilate and ask that the tomb be guarded so that no one could steal the body of Jesus and claim that Jesus had risen from the dead. Pontius Pilate granted their request to have the tomb guarded according to Matthew God promises to send meat in the form of quail in the evening of that same day.

In the morning, still Sunday, God would also send bread in the form of manna for the first time. God gives the nation of Israel very specific directions as to how to gather the manna as a way of providing food and testing their obedience to His instructions. God repeatedly teaches Israel that He is their God and provider.

Institutional Ordering after the Exodus

On this same date in 30 AD, Jesus would have been inside the sealed tomb. God keeps His promise and sends meat in the form of quail. Ancient Egyptian paintings show people throwing nets over quail in bushes who are exhausted after a long migration flight. This event happened on Sunday evening at the start of the Hebrew day. The first day of manna and the Resurrection are separated by exactly 1, Day years. Israel arrives in the Wilderness of Sinai during the daylight hours of the second day of the month of Sivan.

Scripture says it is Sivan 3 since the Hebrew date is given at the start of the day.

History Of Israel

Now who gave the water a sound but He? Yet you describe Him and compare Him to His creatures in order to explain to [humans] what the ear is able to hear. Here, however, it constantly grew stronger.

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Now why at the beginning was this so [i. In order to let their ears hear what they were able to hear [and not shock them suddenly]. This teaches that [He did descend although still in the heavens,] He bent down the upper heavens and the lower heavens and spread them upon the mountain like a spread on a bed, and the Throne of Glory descended upon them [the upper heavens and the lower heavens].

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Warn them not to go up the mountain. Whatever [number] falls from them, let it be even a single person, to Me it is considered [as if] many [have fallen].

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