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High sodium foods cause water retention and when the body is unable to pump out the water, circulation gets beleaguered and pressure rises. Stress has a big factor to play as it releases adrenalin and cortisol in the blood again causing high pressure. We find younger patients in the age group of being diagnosed of hypertension because of poor lifestyle and high stress issues.

Prior to becoming a chronic patient of blood pressure, one can easily reverse these symptoms with regular exercise that makes the blood go down to the limbs relieving the central pressure, and by eating healthy, cutting out any stimulants that can cause the arteries to thicken, said the doctors.

Why combating hypertension is a huge challenge

In addition, all the sauces, chips, processed and canned foods have high salt and sugar content. So people far exceed the stipulated salt amount resulting in water retention and obesity. Similarly having processed foods like biscuits and baked items too exposes a person to transfats and all these are very harmful. Dr Belaila from the Health Ministry had introduced the pdated guidelines which are meant to raise awareness about making lifestyle changes in time and going in for preventive hypertension screening from the age of 30 to prevent a negative diagnosis.

Hypertension continues to be a worldwide public health problem with increasing burden on all health sector resources. Hussain, a Bangladeshi expat in UAE working as an insurance coordinator, was diagnosed with hypertension four years ago at the age of While they were diagnosed at the age of 50, in my case the disease manifested 25 years earlier.

Weightlifting: Bad for your blood pressure? - Mayo Clinic

Besides I was having burgers, pizzas and heavy oily food from my college days and was an occasional smoker. After the diagnosis, I cut out junk food from my life and with one single pill a day have managed my blood pressure pretty well. I know because of my genetic history, I can control it but not completely eradicate it.

But timely screening has helped me be more vigilant about it now. Mukherjee, 45, a marketing consultant, was diagnosed with hypertension at the age of My physician was glad as it did not fluctuate.

Health Threats From High Blood Pressure

He made three alterations to his lifestyle: reduced eating out, began having home cooked meals with a lot of fresh ingredients, threw out sea salt and switched to rock salt, began exercising for an hour daily at least five days a week and completely changed his attitude to work. I have stopped trying to control everything in life and take one day at a time.. I do my best and leave it that.

Believe me these three changes have made a dramatic turnaround in my health. I gave up my hypertension medication a year ago and my blood pressure is steady at I make it a point to visit my doctor and monitor it closely but am glad I was able to conquer this demon. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon.

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More than 97 per cent cases of hypertension are idiopathic unknown causes while three per cent cases are attributed to a genetic or family history. Stress also has a big role to play as it releases adrenalin and cortisol in the blood… We find patients in the age group diagnosed with hypertension because of poor lifestyle and high stress… - Dr Fekri El Deeb Senior consultant, interventional cardiologist at Zulekha Hospital.

Anwar Hussain. Kowshik Mukherjee. Cut out salad dressings and have fresh salads with lemon or vinaigrette dressing Cut out processed foods, packed sauces with high sugar and salt content, oily burgers from diet Cut out fizzy drinks from meals and opt for fresh lemonade instead Say no to sea food as fish from sea is high in sodium. Choose fresh water fish Make sure to have a servings of healthy fats through avocado, raw nuts, unsalted olives, olive oil etc Include high potassium foods in your diet such as fresh leafy greens, bananas, chia seeds and kale Include healthy lean protein through fish, chicken and chick peas Reduce salt consumption.

No canned or prerserved foods, no processed foods which are high in sodium Opt for four healthy cooking methods — streaming, pan broiling, stir frying and roasting instead of deep frying Target a BMI not higher than 23, for which you need to be physically exert yourself.

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Follow the rule of four which is four km in forty minutes, four times a week. Make sure your body fat composition is ideal and not excess. In men it ought to be no greater than 22 per cent of body weight and in women 19 per cent. The Morning and Evening Brief.

High blood pressure threatens your health and quality of life

A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day. More From UAE. A home blood pressure monitor is a convenient, accurate way to join the Challenge. Many pharmacy chains also offer blood pressure monitoring. Best known for her lead role on , Jennie is a dedicated mom who leads a healthy lifestyle and places family first. With a history of heart disease in her family, Jennie takes heart health seriously and dedicates time toward purposefully living an active lifestyle.

Candy comes from a business background and worked for several years with international corporations traveling the world developing their business, but always felt in her heart that health and wellness were her true calling. After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took it upon herself to learn everything needed to help her heal faster and naturally.

Colby is a blogger and founder of Days of a Domestic Dad. He became a stay-at-home dad in and started blogging about family, entertainment, tech, travel, food and cars. He and his wife, Staci, have recently made health a bigger priority in their lives. Frederick J. Goodall is a marketer, blogger, photographer, and spokesperson. He publishes the Mocha Man Style, the premier lifestyle website for modern, sophisticated men of color. Goodall is a a native Houston and father of three children. An instructor of Emerging Technologies at Rutgers University, he discusses emerging tech and digital health on his blog.

He works with the Omron Corporate team to share news about innovations in healthcare and automation. Black Girls RUN! It aims to serve as a fitness resource for walkers, runners and even gym rats alike, as well as provide encouragement on and off the pavement with running groups and also tips and commentary on living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kimby has a passion for cardiology and a new lease on life — at age 38 she survived a massive heart attack. She promotes her journey of fitness, health, medicine, spirituality, and life on her blog and social channels, and advocates for better heart health for her followers.

Bloggers and long-time fitness professionals, twins Kymberly and Alexandra, share movement and active lifestyle advice for Baby Boomers. Kymberly is former university faculty with experience teaching group fitness on four continents in four languages for 35 years. Alexandra, who has her MA in systemic counseling, has trained and mentored thousands of instructors and fitness trainers, taught at health clubs and universities worldwide, and has written hundreds of health and fitness articles for top magazines.

On their blog, FunandFit. Her hope is that she can inspire and empower others to thrive in health and happiness. Lorraine lives by the motto that life at fifty plus is grand! Viva Fifty features weekly articles and posts on subjects and issues that matter. Megan is an ex-IT consultant turned nutritionist and freelance food photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. She is the author of Ditch the Diet, and a certified swim and cycle instructor. She focuses on her love of food, fitness, travel and all things healthy. Her blog focuses on helping others lose weight in a healthy way and teaching that healthy living isn't about calorie counting or the number on the scale.

How To Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally - How To Prevent High Blood Pressure Naturally

But rather, it's about discovering who you are and how to make peace with your body. Michelle Rivas is the founder of The Healthy Latina Blog, a collection of all things health, nutrition, disease prevention, family, and life as a Latina living in Chicago. Michelle is a firm believer in health education and wants to help Latinas and their families live a healthy lifestyle. She knows that it all starts with the right tools and recognizes that there's a gap in health news, advertisements and health education for Latinas. With a master's degree in health communication, she's doing her part to change that!

The journey has led Pamela to fun, joy, peace, confidence, and new directions…but she realizes it is a continuous process.