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This is essential, but without some other elements a firmly attached mask will still be a bad mask! Depending on the type of mask you make, you can use string, elastic, or ribbon to attach the mask to your face, just be sure to measuer first! Try again Try again! Your face doesn't need to be completely covered by your mask, but remember that the point of a mask is to stop people from recognizing you!

Try and make your mask cover as much of your face as you can without impeding your vision or movement! Choose another answer! You're not wrong, but there's a better answer! If your mask isn't very sturdy it might fall off easily, and then you'll be easy to identify. Consider using a balloon and paper mache for a strong and long-lasting mask.

All of the previous answers are important parts of your superhero mask. Without any of them, you might be left with an ineffective mask, one that doesn't allow you to see and fight crime, or one that falls off all of the time. Most superhero capes are long, but it is possible for your cape to be too long! Almost any fabric will work as a cape: an old sheet or a large piece of felt works especially well! Not quite! While your fabric options might limit your cape options, you can update or embellish your fabric to make it shorter or longer! Don't forget to decorate your cape when you have it the perfect length!

Guess again! You don't want to trip on your cape but you want it to be nice and long, so have a friend help you measure it! Remember to decide how you're going to attach it around your neck while you are measuring-- you can tie ends of the fabric together around your neck, attach a ribbon, or use a safety pin.

Definitely not! If your cape is this long you might trip on it! Your cape might be an excellent accessory, but it won't help you if you trip over it!

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What type of footwear is best if you plan to wear your superhero outfit outside? While felt boots look awesome and can be fun to make, they won't protect your feet from the elements!

If you're going to be an indoor crime fighter, however, felt boots can be the perfect choice. Duct tape boots are an easy and weatherproof footwear option! Make sure you keep the top of your duct tape boots nice and wide or cut a small slit in the top to make it easy to get your boots on and off. Even if the weather is nice, it isn't very safe to walk around outside with just socks on! Consider wearing both soccer socks and other shoes to keep the look while keeping your feet protected! Try another answer A couple of these options won't keep your feet protected and warm outdoors!

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If you don't have any of the suggested types of footwear, consider making your own or creating a new combination of shoes and socks for your superhero to rock! If you are modeling your costume after an already-created superhero, make sure you get the details right! This could mean creating the perfect Captain America shield, Wolverine claws, or Wonder Woman accessories. While this will tell people who you are, there are easier ways to make sure everyone knows who you are!

If you want to get creative, consider combining elements of many different superheroes! Business cards would be a cool element to your costume, but they're not necessary! Try including elements of your superpowers in your costume so everyone knows who you are and what you can do! With the right type of costume, you shoudn't need to tell anyone who you are! Even if you're not modeling your costume after an already-created superhero, make sure your costume shows off your superpowers! To make your own superhero costume, choose a form-fitting Spandex outfit with full-length leggings and long sleeves, which is perfect for disguising yourself while allowing you the freedom of movement to take down villains.

Make your own mask to hide your true identity, and drape fabric over your shoulders if you want a cape.


Wear brightly colored boots, and attach a letter or your own symbol to the center of your chest or cape. If you use any accessories for crime-fighting, like a sword or a shield, include that in your costume as well. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Categories: Superhero Costumes. Learn more Sample Batman Mask Template.

Method 1. Sport some spandex. All superheroes wear a tight get-up of some sort, whether it be a unitard, leggings, or a full-body suit. Pick a color or two and start building your costume from a foundation of spandex. Shoot for full length leggings and a long-sleeve tee shirt. Most superheroes fully cover their skin to avoid being recognized. You can also use solid-colored clothing in place of spandex. Think about using Under Armour workout clothing or visiting an American Apparel clothing store if you are having a hard time finding solid-colored spandex.

Rock a full-body suit. If you're up for the awkwardness, you can purchase a full-body spandex suit from a costume store or order one online from a website such as superfansuits. Method 1 Quiz What colors should you choose for your superhero costume?


Why does Superman wear his underwear over his tights. - Superman - Comic Vine

One or two solid colors. A bunch of bright neon colors. Only dark colors.

Method 2. Disguise your face with a mask. As a superhero, it is extremely important that you hide your identity from potential enemies. Make a mask of some sort to disguise your face and prevent being discovered. There are several methods for making a mask at home.

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Make a paper mask. Hold up a piece of sturdy cardstock to your face and have a friend mark two dots where the outside edges of your eyes are, and one dot where the tip of your nose is you can also use a paper plate. Draw the mask out on the piece of paper, using the dots as reference points for how big your mask needs to be.

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Cut out the shape of your mask and poke two holes in each side near where your ears will be. Attach a ribbon or string to each hole so that you can tie the mask behind your head. Decorate the outline with colored markers, paint, sequins, feathers, glitter, or any other embellishments that suit your superpower. Create a mask using tin foil and tape. Stack three sheets of aluminum foil together and press the stack on your face to create an impression in the tin foil. Outline where your eyes and any other openings will be with a marker. Use scissors to cut around the edges of the mask, the eyes, the mouth, and any other openings you outlined.

Poke a hole in each side of the mask near where your ears will be and attach a string or ribbon to hold the mask on your face. Making sure to keep the mold firm, cover the mask in strong clear tape such as packing tape. Decorate with acrylic paint and any other embellishments such as feathers or sequins. Blow up a balloon to about the size of your head.

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Lay newspaper flat on a table or the floor to use as a working surface. Tear strips of newspaper or cut strips of thin cloth into long strips. Combine 2 cups flour and 1 cup water in a mixing bowl. You can use 2 cups of white glue in place of flour if you don't have any flour handy. Dip the strips of paper or cloth into the mixture completely and begin to lay them on the balloon until the entire balloon is covered. A Life in Parts. Bryan Cranston. The Snark Handbook. Lawrence Dorfman.

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