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Following the lead of artists is hardly new for The Kitchen. The Kitchen mourns the untimely loss of our friend, choreographer Stanley Love. As a catalytic force in the downtown scene for nearly thirty years, Love and his Stanley Love Performance Group impacted so many lives through their ecstatic, insistent, and radical practice of dancing together.

Mario Diaz de Leon: Cycle and Reveal. The Kitchen Blog. Announcing Our Fall Season! Sep 12 For our Fall season, The Kitchen returns in a sense to our loft-culture roots, with artists recasting and redefining our spaces according to the changing contours of their individual projects. For that reason, he carried on his studies, majoring in English Literature. He wrote several books with one Irish historical fiction on top.

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The book recounts the calamity the British Empire had done to the lands of Ireland. It took place back in when a small county in Ireland started defending its lands against the cruel occupation.

Through the novel, we will get to know a lot about Irish history through the stories of the Banville brothers. Tom and Dan were full of rage when war struck into Ireland. It had disturbed their comfortable rural lives in so many ways. Thus, they did not have second thoughts about thrusting into a revolution.

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  • In no time, they found themselves joining the Rebellion. They stumbled against racism and brutality while fighting the power of the British Empire. The book is a vivid illustration of love the Irish had for their lands and families. They were loyal and persistent on keeping their lands free and independent as long as it lives. Before his more than year-old mother died, she told him the secret she kept from the family. She narrated the story of her mother who suffered during the slavery years in Irish history.

    The story is about Margaret who had a rough childhood. Less than a century ago, in some parts of rural Ireland, slavery managed to carry on. Penniless parents sold their seven-year-old children to farmers in exchange for money. Those farmers had the right to keep the children for a certain span where they can overwork them. During those awful times, Margaret lived in the hills of Donegal with her poor parents.

    They sold her out to farmers as a child to be hired in exchange for pennies. Not only did she suffer from mistreatment, her master also raped her when she was still little. She got pregnant and was forcefully married to a man as old as her father. Despite all the hardships she went through, Margaret managed to keep her passion and persistence. She promised to give her children the life she never had. While she did sacrifice her own happiness, she succeeded in providing a peaceful life for her little ones.

    Her spirit was as high as the sky and was too sturdy to ever be tamed. John MacKenna is an Irish novelist and playwright who was born in Co. He is the author of several popular novels among which he wrote Irish historical fiction. Currently, he carries on his writing career and works as a teacher as well. Learn more about John MacKenna.

    This Irish historical fiction revolves around the life of the Captain. He was a mysterious figure with great power.

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    Besides, he eventually died in a chaotic way by the army. The book contains several different stories about the distinctive followers of the Captain. MacKenna portrayed the central character as the impulsive character who could walk away, leaving his wife and children behind. He even carelessly left his job just to go and follow the Captain. When that Captain character died, the lives of his followers changed in numerous ways.

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    Commonly known as John B. Keane, he was one of the most prominent authors of Ireland. He died back in , in Listowel, but his memory still lingers around. Learn more about John Brendan Keane. The novel is set at the times of the famous Irish Emigration. Most people at that time left for America. Some of them actually headed for England instead. They were looking for better lives and better opportunities of having a peaceful one.

    Despite the great number of departures, some people stayed. They remained behind because they loved their homeland too much to ever abandon it. Although the future was foggy and uncertain, their faith was bigger. Set in the 50s in the Kerry Village of Dirrabeg, bodhran drums were a popular Irish instrument. Every year, the wren dance was a way of celebration for the village people. It was the only light in the nights of darkness that lived. That day was a long one of celebration; people referred to it as St.

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    This festival still takes place in our modern times, but it dates way back to the time of paganism. Donal Hallapy was a bodhran drum player; people always called for him to show off his exceptional skills. He was a loyal father with a large family. He usually played his bodhran drums on that festive day every year.

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    People sang, danced, and drunk as much they liked to. But, the Church was upset about not being able to have control over them. He was a sadistic priest who was looking for a way to destruct the wren dancing festival. Banville is an Irish writer who grew up with siblings who loved writing as well. Originally, he wanted to become an architect and a painter, but he never went to college.

    Instead, he became a popular writer, offering the world with the best Irish historical fiction. Learn more about the Irish Writer John Banville. Banville wrote a series of books where his protagonist was Frederick Montgomery. We can see through the novel that John Banville included his passion for painting.

    The case in the book all revolves around a man who paints.


    Through the series, we get to know more about Frederick Montgomery. He was a former scientist and later took an unclear detour in life. Being a perfect observer of his surroundings, he loved to paint. On one fine day, he returns to Ireland to reclaim a painting that was part of his patrimony. Being stopped by the servant of the man who owned the painting, he murdered her.

    In a narrative-length novel, Frederick commits to his ghastly act. For once again, John Banville dazzles us with a touching novel about love and loss. He shows us how powerful the memory can be. We all remember our pasts and understand it different when seen under a brighter light. The novel narrates the story of a middle-aged Irish man, Max Morden. Morden lost his wife and grieved for so long. During his childhood years, he stayed in the seaside town. It was the place where his summer holidays came to pass.