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Snapchat has pushed an update to its iOS app that lets you attach emoji to objects in video snaps. With this new functionality, you can do things like add a smirking kitty emoji to an actual cat's face in a video.

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It'll stick to the cat and follow it around within the video - as if you did a face-swap with the two. But you can do this with any emoji in Snapchat and any object in your Snapchat video. This update, which first arrived for Android users last week, is not only incredibly fun and creative but also easy to figure out.

Unless you live under a rock, you should know what emoji are and how to use them.

Moving Pictures

They're basically little icons you can use in place of words to express an emotion or message or whatever. Emoji are most commonly sent and received using texting apps or messaging apps. Snapchat has long allowed users to overlay them in picture and video messages though they would remain stationary when overlaid. If, like me, you find actress Natalie Portman something of an enigmatic and unapproachable figure, the kind of film star you could never believe Develop a career in the Film and Media industry and gain access to key skills, experts and hands-on training.

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Join Us Become a member of the cinema today. Welcome to Moving Pictures Cinema. Get in Touch Please contact us for group bookings or to collaborate with us on special events. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Progressive rock. Rush Terry Brown.


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