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They nearly all ran a household of some type or other, a much more complex business than it is today. You had to order it at the right time and in the necessary quantity.

Eleanor Audley as Naomi in 1958's "Ruth: A Faithful Woman" (from "The Old Testament Scriptures")

This would be the equivalent today of a woman in her twenties acting as Chief Executive of a major farming and property conglomerate. A deep interest in the middle ages. An example, of one such question is: the fate of the Princes in the Tower.

Reviewing Within the Fetterlock by Brian Wainwright

All the novels about Richard III have to answer that, one way or another. Sometimes Richard kills them, sometimes he puts them somewhere safe, sometimes they die naturally, and so on. My spur to write about Constance of York was that she did something that was — to say the least — exceptional for a medieval princess. I had to explore her motives for that, what led her to do it, to solve that riddle if only to my own satisfaction. I try to show the human side in my serious work; how events hit people, and impacted on their lives. History was also taken seriously at school, and along with English, was one of my favourite subjects.

When we went on holiday we often visited Wales, where I was fascinated by the castles. I started reading about history for pleasure, because I wanted to know more than school taught me. I think the very first historical novel I came across was The Wool-pack by Cynthia Hartnett , read to us at primary school by the best teacher I ever had, Miss Margaret Mackie.

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When I got a little older and found there were such things as adult historical fiction novels, I think I pretty much devoured the entire library offering! Some people think of me as an expert on the subject, but frankly I never cease to be amazed by my own ignorance of particular topics. This interview has also been featured on Conversations with Writers.

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Richard must now find a way to clear his name and protect his family while concealing his true identity. Fun with Richard III never stops! But Richard Gloucestre the name on his passport longs to visit his 15th-century home, a trip interrupted by the London police, M15, the American FBI, and the inevitable tabloid reporter all suspicious of his name, his identity, and his intent regarding the current monarchy. Szechtman s solid historical research and skillful writing make Loyalty Binds Me a welcome addition to novels about the endlessly engrossing Wars of the Roses.

Loyalty Binds Me, the second of Joan Szechtman s series of novels about Richard III in the 21st Century, brings Richard home to England where his past catches up with him and he has to go on the run from the British authorities.

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Having established himself with his new and partly old family, he faces losing everything again.