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I think Negan has that soft spot for Judith just like he did for Carl. Negan can be cocky but deep down he has a heart. Im here for the comic! I think now that michonne is leaving the comic is the only story in interested in! I now think that Negan has definitely redeemed himself after risking his life to save Judith and Dog in the snow.

I always knew there was some good in him what would you all be saying if he let Judith die in the snow storm? I think Negan is the same person as all of us. We all have a light and a dark side. After the apocalypse, Negan hid his good side, he thought it was right, and we cannot blame him for his choice. And now, after all experienced, he wants to change for the better. We just have to give him that chance! Sorry for my English. I believe his feelings have changed alot because of judith, she the reason. If negan had no feelings he would of never went into that storm to get her.

I know he wants to be a boss again. Still love his crazy ass!!!!! I found that a good representation of who Negan is. He sees an opening and takes advantage of it. Joking about an uncomfortable situation for no apparent reason, changing the mood in the room. Seeing him do this so impulsively made me remember who he is.

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Negan is a very intelligent man, and he knows he has no choice. He is and will always be a manipulator. I liked how we were able to see the true human side Negan has. Negan gave a comedic side to the story as well where as other characters turned more serious. I do know that he has a soft spot for Judith as he did for Carl. So I think he was willing to do whatever he had to do for Judith, but I would still be afraid to just let him run around.

Negan is an anti hero. He never did anything to just be evil, he made people fear and respect him in order to keep a large community in order. We nor the characters should hold things against him, they killed his people, he killed theirs, an eye for an eye.

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It is an apocalypse after all, Negan just like everyone else woke up one day to a broken world, and lost people like everyone else. That can traumatize and mentally destroy people, theres no telling how they may react to something like that. I can remember watching the scene in which Rick cuts Negan open and deciding right in that moment that I wanted more than anything to see him come back as a better person. Carol can walk away from the opportunity of killing Lydia holding her hand after all the loss Lydia has given her, I truly hope that the communities can do the same with Negan.

Negan is for me one of the most interesting characters in terms of consciousness and spirit, over the seasons, we see him changing his behavior, he behaves differently especially during the season 9 episode 16 where we see him take risks for Judith, but for me this change is overdue and it would not surprise me that there is a reversal of the situation. Negan has had a lot of time to sit and think. Locking someone up only keeps them from physically harming others. However, mental games can be just as effective. He is very good at them.

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I love Judith and Negans relationship. I think that this thing with Judith is just bringing out the heart that was always there. At first I was very torn with Megan and not knowing where the place him in the community. I felt at the end of the season where Rick could have killed him part of me wanted him to die.

But, after seeing this different side of him it shows me that everyone can change if they really want to. I think being isolated from a lot of people and being in that cell as long as he was it gave him a lot of time to think. I think going into season 10 he will be a very vital part that may even help bridge the communities together once more. We all can change if we want to. When we first me Negan he definitely deserved to get fed to the dead but over time people do change even when your locked up for 7 and a half years and Negan did change. He will always be throne of the head basher with adrenaline pumping through him, thirsty for more skulls to crack open.

Okay, so this is wild but here it goes.

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I think Negan has changed. I believe he was starting to change before Rick left the show.

Part of me believes he would make a good leader when the time is right for people to start trusting him again. Just my opinion, sorry for the ones who disagree. Ainda tenho raiva dele pelo Glenn. I think will still locked up in his room but he will redeem himself by doing something that wins the group the battle against the whisperers. Will he snap at the first sign of pressure?

If anyone can keep him grounded it would be their relationship. I hope you guys keep him around, he definitely stirs things up. It would be interesting to see him as the number 2 guy. I think Negan has changed all because of Judith.

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I think Negan will have a lot of influence on the three communities and he will help with the whisperers war. He knows defense just like Rick. I think he should remain one of the main characters. Atleast to see him become a father will be a game changer. Everyone hated him but I could never. He had to live somehow. But I love that he is more of a loving human towards Judith. I love their cute moments and that he falls her Jude.

Love love love love love. Negan needs them and they will truly need Negan, he and Daryl will be the only ones capable of defeating the whispers. I really think negan ian the most reedeamabaul character in the whole intime franchise. He had a special connection with Carl and Rick. Sometimes i really think that Negan might like that he is in that cell because he might think lucille would be so disappointed in what he had become so i think he might want to become good again.

Angela Kang is you read this please kill of ma main man Daryl and his sidekicks negan, Thanks! I thought the whispers would top him but NO ,they have to bring it next season to out do Negan. I realllllllllllyyyyyy miss Rick seems like the show lacking big time without him ,i find myself going back seasons trying to feel the love i have for the walking dead its still there just missing something major for the upcoming seasons!

I have a love hate relationship with Negan, he killed my favorite character of all time who is the beautiful Glenn Rhee but he also saved Judith and I think Judith saved him as well as because of Judith he may have actually changed into angood person who has finally realized what he has done but, what he did to Glenn and Abe will never be forgiven of forgotten.


I think Negan was trying to be his version of a hero at the beginning and when he finally saw the error of his ways and realized what he was doing he changed who he was. I think Negan is truly changed. His love for Judith, which began with his love for Carl, I think showed him there is more live for than control and power. His last statement also shows he thought he was doing what was necessary back in the day. Negan is one one of my favorite characters. Do i think he is still a monster? Do i think he ever was? He was a man doing what he thought he had to do to keep his people alive.

Just as everyone else has. That man has been through a lot just as everyone else has, but that does not mean he is an awful person. The question is flawed.

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Redemption to the audience and redemption within the crazy world of the apocalypse where survival takes extraordinary effort are 2 different things.