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Revolution soon followed, as Chileans took to the streets to oust a criminal despot and pave the way for democracy.

In The Southern Tiger, Lagos chronicles Chile's journey from terror and repression to a thriving open society, and from crushing poverty to one of the wealthiest nations in Latin America. His thrilling stories of surviving Chile's political prisons, standing up to President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq, and rebuilding Chile's education system demonstrate why President Obama recently called Chile 'a model for the region and the world. After reading Bolano for years, this is the first time I've read an in-depth review of the violence and strife in Chile that he and many others escaped.

It's harrowing to see how the author, Richard Lago, escaped after the September 11, coup that overthrew President Allende for General Pinochet. He does escape, but he goes back to face the evil and through his efforts, he and his allies convince the country to vote out a dictator. It's an amazing feat and I have never heard of the overthrow of a dictator through a free election.

Lagos should have been killed ten times over, but he persevered to free Chile from tyranny. He highlights the horrors of living under Pinochet, the disappearances and what people did to survive. It's only when support from the U. This all leads to a critical moment in Chilean history that Lagos refers to as "The Finger". He goes on a live television show debate and challenges Pinochet to a new Plebiscite reminding everyone of his promise not to run after This becomes the catalyst that leads to the election and the "No" vote against Pinochet.

The rest of the book is denouement. I think the major points are Lagos attempts to highlight Chile as a country transformation away from dictatorship and embracing a free market economy.

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His brushes with President Bush seem to highlight how far Chile has come from being a puppet regime to a country in its own right. Lagos also highlights Pinochet's arrest in the U. The book ends in a hopeful tone, highlighting all Chile has gone through, but still struggling towards prosperity. It was like a country dreaming a nightmare and now they are beginning to wake up to a brighter future, a truly inspiring story.

Before beginning this memoir of past president Ricardo Lagos, I knew little about modern Chile and its struggle to overcome the dictator Pinochet and his method of government. Because the past is told from one man's perspective, it is likely to be biased; however, if given a more complete picture of the events, I would myself likely end up with Lagos' viewpoints.

The writing is not always smooth I wonder if there's a Spanish edition? The world would be a better place if there were more politicians like Ricardo Lagos. Southern Tiger is a political memoir and therefore relatively self serving.

Chile's Transition to Democracy: Lessons for the Arab Spring

Despite that ,it presents a political history of Chile from Allende to about which includes insights into the policies introduced that helped Chile become an economically and democratically strong country. He does admit, however, that the country still has a challenge in reducing the inequalities. I won a copy of this book thru Library Things Early Reviewers. This book is a political autobiography of Richard Lagos who was the Chilean President that turned the country around into one of the leaders of the global economy.

He paved the way for democracy after challenging the Dictator, Augusto Pinochet. An all-out Revolution ensued as Chileans took to the streets to take back their country. I liked the way the author praises Bush and had more of a friendship with him and was able to create and ally with the United States. This book is more of an underdog story of Chile, from the country's journey of terror and repression to being one of the most thriving, wealthiest nations in Latin America. This was a great transformation of political and economic rebirth.

The thing to remember is that this is a politician's memoirs not a history of his life and times. To say that his presentation of the events leading up to the coup that toppled the Allende regime is a severely nostalgic view of those years is an understatement. The presentation of the Pinochet years also views the glass a tad darker than his remembered details corroborate. A regime as brutal as he paints does not allow the opposition to openly organize against it or leave their leadership alive and running free. However if you can jump those two hurdles this is a much less self-serving account than the usual politician's rewrite of his personal and political history.

What is especially useful are the descriptions of how a poor nation advances towards development and some measure of social justice in the face of a globalized economy that often does a poor job of both.

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The style is breezy and easily accessible. It is worth reading for anyone interested in development issues or the inner workings of politics in a medium size nation. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

Recent searches Clear All. If I am interrogated tomorrow, and I say that we were acquaintances before then … well, you must understand that your lectures are clandestine. The regime, after all, had not hesitated to eliminate its enemies, even those who fled the county. So, when Ricardo Lagos took to the stage in , in a nationally televised interview to speak out against the dictatorship, the stakes were high.

People flooded into the streets, liberated by the simple idea of participating in something forbidden: a protest. In , Lagos and his peers in the Concertacion , a coalition of anti-Pinochet parties, defeated Pinochet in the referendum vote.


Lagos then joined the first post-dictatorship government as the Minister of Education. In , what began as a protest against a mega-dam project in southern Chile transformed into the current student protests in Santiago. However, like other popular movements around the globe, the pan-banging protestors in Santiago have yet to take the next step.

Highlights from Ricardo Lagos, "A Memoir About the Future:

Inevitably, the commotion from the pot-banging protests dies down. When that happens, people need to implement real policies. In his book, Ricardo Lagos shows how he and his peers turned ideas into policies, and policies into action.