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Currently, Congress prohibits the sale of wild horses for slaughter, and only sick or injured horses are euthanized. As a result, herds have rebounded. Wild horses are generally viewed as iconic symbols of the West, but officials say they have few predators and quickly overpopulate what rangelands can support.

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Officials also say they consume food on rangelands used for raising cattle and can cause problems for native wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, and have the potential to contribute to wildfire and invasive species problems. Most wild horse herds roam on BLM lands.

Other activities on those lands include such things as hunting for big game, mountain biking, raising livestock and mining. Forest Service regarding management of wild horses and burros, which the federal agencies can accept or reject. This reporting is made possible by our members. Whatever their origin, up to feral horses enjoy the freedom of the 17, hectares around Kaapsehoop and are loyally protected by locals. The breed of the horses seems to be predominantly Boerperd and herd sizes range from small bachelor herds of 3 or 4, to structured herds of more than 20 horses.

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There are numerous eco-friendly tours available which give visitors the opportunity to see the natural beauty of Kaapsehoop on horseback, in much the same way that pioneering miners did in the past. Experienced guides lead the horseback tours along the magnificent Drakensberg escarpment, which offers a breath-taking view over the Barberton valley.

Riders will also be given the opportunity to experience the excitement of galloping alongside the Kaapsehoop wild horses. Tours include a visit to the old mines and swimming in the cool, clear water of pools below the waterfalls. The first government buildings were erected in and the name of the developing town was changed to Kaapsehoop in Many of the original buildings from the s still stand today and visitors can enjoy a meal at the restaurants and pubs, as well as do some shopping at the quaint arts and crafts stores.

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